WrestleMania 37 Plans are Reportedly Still Up in the Air

WWE is not exactly known for their long-term booking, and dirtsheets have often reported the several changes made by the creative hours before a particular show is about to air.

WWE was reportedly planning to have Edge vs Randy Orton match at WrestleMania, which could be the final match in their trilogy, with the WWE Championship on the line.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the company planned to organize “I Quit” match between the duo, who have already wrestled in a ‘Last Man Standing Match’ at WrestleMania 36 and the ‘Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’ at Backlash earlier this year.

However, those plans are up in the air, as the company currently has no direction for the main event of next year’s top show. The initial plans were for Randy Orton to capture the title at SummerSlam and go on to defend it against a returning Edge, but the plans seem to have changed.

Orton isn’t done with Drew McIntyre as of yet, but he is scheduled to face the newest babyface on RAW, Keith Lee, at Payback this Sunday. WON reported that if Orton were to win the title, the company will probably continue with Orton as a heel champion taking on Lee, as RAW lacks top credible babyfaces.

“At one point WrestleMania was to be headlined by Orton vs. Edge in an I Quit match. It was not a lock that Orton would be champion, but it was something under discussion. At last word there was no longer a 100 percent clear main event direction for the show.”

“If Orton is going to win the title, then Lee should beat him here to set up Orton vs. Lee title matches, since they have no other babyfaces ready for Orton with the way they’ve booked Mysterio and Owens (who Orton beat on TV) and with Black turning.”

Drew McIntyre is currently without a match for Payback, as he suffered a gruesome injury after receiving three punt kicks from Orton this week on RAW. Also, there is no timeline for Edge’s return, but he should probably return by the time Royal Rumble 2021 rolls around.