WWE and AEW Superstars May Be Able to Return Soon

The Coronavirus pandemic has had quite an effect on the wrestling world since many stars have been stuck at home with the United States closing many of their borders.

The likes of Robert Roode and The Singh Brothers have been trapped while the former NXT Tag Team Champion Pete Dunne has been unable to make it across the pond. Over in AEW, Pentagon Jr and Pac have been missing from weekly shows since they have also been unable to travel.

Almost all of these stars were part of storylines on TV before the pandemic caused travel restrictions to be put in place. One of the biggest brands in WWE to be hit by the on-going global pandemic has been NXT UK since their biggest stars have been missing on a regular basis and the NXT UK Champion hasn’t been able to perform on the brand since March.

WrestleTalk is now reporting that many wrestling stars will be able to make their return to TV soon now that the world is coming to terms with life following the pandemic.

“Athletes are now allowed to come. The North was able to come in for Impact. Pentagon, Pac, and those guys should be able to come in for AEW. Jack Evans, Angelico — some of these guys who weren’t allowed in because of the borders being shut. You know there’s basically because this is due to baseball and hockey and these other sports opening up.”

While the virus is still having quite the effect on countries around the world, there are some countries that are looking at lowering their restrictions when it comes to lockdowns and this in turn will help the wrestling business.

It’s unknown how soon these stars will be able to return, but it’s welcome news for wrestling fans around the world.