WWE Reportedly Approached Carlito For a Return, Update On The Colons’ WWE Status

Image via Twitter

WWE’s main roster is currently the most populated that it has ever been, but in recent years the company hasn’t minded bringing back old school wrestling talent in order to bring fans to the product.

Goldberg returned to the ring back in 2017 to wrestle Brock Lesnar, Shawn Michaels returned for one more match at last year’s Crown Jewel, while rumors now suggest that Edge could be looking to come out of retirement for one more match as well.

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These are not the only names being linked with a WWE return. According to former WWE star Savio Vega, Carlito has been approached by WWE recently about a return to the company, a return that he said he told him to take them upon.

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Carlito hasn’t been seen in WWE since his departure back in 2010, but is a former United States Champion and returned for a one-off appearance when he inducted his father into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014. Over the past few years, Carlito has made a name for himself in WWC as well as a number of other independent promotions in Puerto Rico.

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Carlito’s brother and cousin are currently still performing for WWE as The Colons, even though they haven’t been seen as a duo on WWE TV since 2017. Their last appearance saw them lose a dark match to Heavy Machinery ahead of SmackDown back in January, which could be why many fans have questioned if they are still contracted to the company.

Vega also revealed that the duo’s contracts come to an end later this year, but have recently been given permission to return to Puerto Rico and WWC. It is unknown as to whether or not WWE wants to re-sign the duo to prevent them from moving over to AEW when their contracts finally expire.