WWE Approved Riddle-Goldberg ‘Rivalry’, Reigns-Murphy Feud On SmackDown Live Was Initially a Botch

Image via WWE

Former Universal Champion, Bill Goldberg returned to the WWE ring last Sunday and made quick work of Dolph Ziggler. Goldberg’s beef against Matt Riddle is not a secret to any member of the Internet Wrestling Community, as Riddle has made several demeaning comments about Goldberg on Twitter recently.

According to Wrestler Observer Newsletter, WWE approved all the content Riddle posted on his social media. Riddle called Goldberg the “worst wrestler in the world” on several occasions, lines which were repeated by Dolph Ziggler on live programming.

Riddle and Goldberg had an awkward interaction during the SummerSlam. Goldberg said to Ridlde that he is not his “bro”. Whether or not Riddle’s comments against Goldberg lead to anything in the future, remain to be seen. However, a superstar of Riddle’s quality could massively benefit by getting one-up on Bill Goldberg of all people.

In another news, Bryan Alvarez talked about how Buddy Murphy and Roman Reigns‘ rivalry arose from a production botch by WWE. After Reigns was attacked on SmackDown Live two weeks ago, fans spotted Buddy Murphy leaving the area.

Murphy getting in the shot was not a part of the plan, and all the further storyline has resulted from an epic botch. Buddy Murphy went on to have a PPV match, and a high-quality encounter against Roman Reigns on SmackDown this week.

Reigns is still searching for his mystery attacker. However, according to Daniel Bryan and Rowan, the attacker has been identified after the duo carried out their own investigation, and will reveal the perpetrator’s name next week.

Kofi Kingston was accidentally rewarded with a shot at WWE Championship earlier this year, when he replaced the injured Ali in the Elimination Chamber match-up. Similar fate has struck on Buddy Murphy, who made the most of this opportunity and produced an epic battle with Reigns.