WWE Backstage Reaction To AEW Dynamite, Vince McMahon May Remain CEO For Another Decade

Image via WWE

WWE is in a midst of a war with AEW although neither promotion is willing to accept the same in public – both sides use a diplomatic tone as and when possible, but the bad blood is well reflected during the weekly programmings and occasional shots taken by talents.

WrestlingNews reports that Chris Jericho‘s bold AEW move has changed the entire landscape of the WWE locker room. Superstars are now fascinated by AEW’s clean backstage atmosphere and light road schedule. WWE talents watch AEW Dynamite regularly and acknowledge that the shows are “great”.

One Superstar reportedly said: “I don’t know how many of us watch AEW but I know a few guys and girls here that watch the show every week. You can’t deny that their shows are great. My friends there say there’s no bullsh*t politics there and no walking on eggshells like WWE’s backstage. Jericho going there made it okay to say ‘yea, WWE is not the end all be all and I’ll be fine if I decide to leave.’ It doesn’t hurt that [AEW’s] schedule is much easier on the body.”

It’s no secret that WWE backstage is infested with nasty politics and Vince McMahon‘s micromanagement. Superstars can get buried and fired in the most humiliating ways possible.

Unfortunately, the situation may not change unless Mr. McMahon steps down as CEO, and it might take another 10 years for that to happen.

One Superstar reportedly said: “Let’s just state the obvious. Vince is still in charge and nothing will change until he steps down and that might not happen for another 10 years or more. A lot of guys realize this and some will take the money but some guys have a lot of money saved up and that AEW schedule looks really good.”

WWE is no longer the be-all and end-all of the pro wrestling industry, and AEW is the most suitable alternative where wrestlers can preserve their self-respect and make decent money without having to grind themselves all throughout the year.