WWE Backstage Reportedly In A Mess With Many Top Superstars Too Invested In Their Relationships To Care About Their Careers

Image via 24wrestling.com

WWE is struggling right now, the company are aware that ratings are dropping week after week, they are having issues selling tickets for upcoming pay-per-views and All Elite Wrestling look to be taking over in the wrestling world with both Fyter Fest and All Out selling much better than Stomping Grounds.

Brad Shepard recently revealed on his Twitter account that according to a source within the company there were some stars who were pushing to make their current feuds memorable while the likes of Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, Andrade and Charlotte are too focused on their relationships to be worried about their on-screen characters or work.

Shepard continued that the Women’s Tag Team Championships are not even being discussed at the backstage meetings which would explain why they haven’t been defended on pay-per-view since The IIconics won them at WrestleMania.

Erick Rowan and Daniel Bryan are also reportedly frustrated because they are at a standstill as Champions but at least they have a match this weekend against Heavy Machinery.

It is unknown what is going on in WWE at present, but this doesn’t look great for the company since they now have competition to push against and have SmackDown moving over to FOX in a few months time.

Shepard also revealed that Vince McMahon knows that the current issue right now is a writing issue because WWE had no long-term plans for any superstar except Becky Lynch coming out of WrestleMania and so far Lynch’s past few months have been dire as well.

WWE needs to make some huge changes in the coming months since SummerSlam is less than two months away and is seen as one of the biggest events of the year, so if The Biggest Party of the Summer doesn’t deliver then the company really is in trouble.