WWE Bans AEW Merchandise from ThunderDome

WWE debuts at the Thunderdome on Friday Night SmackDown this week, and they are going all-out with regards to a completely unique presentation for the show.

WWE will have ‘virtual fans’ in attendance for the show, as several clips of the testing footage were shared on social media earlier today.

With fans joining in from the comfort of their homes, there are several problems associated with showing them on TV. WWE had a strict rule of no AEW merchandise during their live events, and that rule will continue with the introduction of virtual fans.

A Reddit user Carbonsilkthread, who attended the rehearsal tapings this week, wrote in a post claiming that he could hear the production crew talk about removing users who had AEW t-shirts on.

“The reason the AEW talk happened was because they [producers] were discussing what can be shown on screen, and that they have ability to quickly click and boot someone [out of the screen]. They also talked about a list of shirts or what can be [allowed] on screen”.

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet also sent out a tweet earlier today, noting that WWE has strict fines in place for any fan who tries to do anything inappropriate during the broadcast.

The show will be aired live, and WWE is taking all measures possible to prevent any nuisance in this brand-new format.

The ThunderDome will be WWE’s home for the next two months, as the company has booked the Amway Center in Orlando, FL for RAW, SmackDown and at least two PPVs (Summerslam and Payback) for the next two months.