WWE Believes CM Punk Wants A “Blank Check”, Randy Orton’s Annual WWE Pay

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WWE Believes CM Punk Wants A “Blank Check”

CM Punk recently claimed that it would take him a “big bag” to return to professional wrestling and WWE employees are well aware of it.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that people in WWE believe that Punk is looking for a “blank check” which makes sense given the juggernaut promotion has enough funds at present courtesy of the cash-rich television deals.

“WWE hasn’t been signing blank checks and guys who are near the top asking for giant money haven’t gotten the blank check. Those in WWE believe Punk is another guy looking for that. Both sides have had their moments where they’ve sworn off ever doing business with him, but this is wrestling and it’s competition and if there is the belief he can move numbers, there is no such thing as never.”

Let’s see if WWE or any other promotion is ready to offer Punk the money he’s currently seeking.

Randy Orton’s Annual WWE Pay

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Randy Orton‘s WWE contract expires next summer and that might be the reason behind The Viper teasing a potential AEW move.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Orton is already taking home a cool $3 million every year by working a limited WWE schedule.

“In the end, for someone like Orton, who is believed to be making in the $3 million per year range, and doesn’t work a full house show schedule, WWE is probably the better place. At 39, he may be able to get an even lesser schedule. Whether he’s the right mix for AEW is a question but next year you’d think they’d be looking for a big pick up and Orton would fit that bill, there’s the question if they want to spend at that level for a new guy.”

Orton’s next contract will definitely be the most lucrative one he’s ever signed. The 39-year-old Superstar is playing both sides against each other and it would be exciting to see whether he leaves WWE for AEW in 2020.