WWE Building Towards Mask vs Hair Match At SummerSlam

Mysterio would love to lose his mask and give it to his son

Image via WWE

Rey Mysterio drew the short straw this week on Raw and was forced to enter the gauntlet match to determine AJ Styles’ opponent at SummerSlam at number one. Mysterio was able to come out on top against Cesaro before he quickly eliminated Sami Zayn, and Andrade was then the fourth man to enter the match.

Mysterio and Andrade already have a history, but it appears that the company could be looking to rehash their feud after Andrade disrespected Mysterio following the victory last night.

Andrade defeated Mysterio using the Hammerlock DDT before he then attacked Mysterio and tore off his mask. It seemed as though the former World Champion wasn’t supposed to be completely unmasked because Ricochet took his time coming to his aid. The One and Only went on to win the match and book his place against AJ Styles at SummerSlam, which means that WWE could now turn their attention to a feud between Andrade and Mysterio instead.

There were hints during their last feud that both men would be open to a Hair vs Mask match, which is why Andrade was growing his hair out, but this never became a reality.

It is now understood that WWE could be thinking of allowing this match to happen at SummerSlam in less than two weeks time instead. Mysterio also noted in an interview a few months ago that he would love to lose his mask in a match so that he could then give it to his son, who hasn’t been seen on WWE TV since Mysterio’s United States Championship win at Stomping Grounds.

The Master of the 619 had some interesting things to say following his loss on Raw, which has only fueled speculation that a hair vs mask match between the two men could be on the horizon.