WWE Cancels Trademark for “Cody Rhodes”

Since Cody Rhodes has moved over to AEW he has been known as just “Cody” even though the company announces him as Cody Rhodes when he’s welcomed to the ring with his wife.

Brandi was never known as Brandi Rhodes in WWE since the company opted to call her Eden Stiles and wasted her talent as a ring announcer.

Since Rhodes left WWE, he has been fighting the company for the trademark for his “Cody Rhodes” name which the company has had control of since 2009.

According to a report by Heel By Nature, WWE dropped their trademark for his name back on November 2nd, which means that Rhodes should be able to use his old name going forward.

Rhodes attempted to copyright the name back in April when the trademark expired but WWE then attempted to extend their trademark and blamed COVID-19 for the delay.

Interestingly, the company hasn’t given up the rights to WarGames, Bash at The Beach, and a number of other trademarked terms that Rhodes has been fighting for in recent years.