WWE Changed Randy Orton and Matt Hardy’s Raw Segment, Update On Edge’s Return

Image via WWE

Randy Orton and Matt Hardy shared the ring for one last time this week on Monday Night RAW amidst reports of the latter’s inevitable arrival in AEW.

For the second week in a row, The Viper brutalized Matt, delivering multiple chair shots, RKO and Con-Chair-To in the process. The nerve-wracking segment helped build heat on Orton while writing Hardy off of WWE TV once and for all.

Fightful Select reports that the latest episode of RAW would’ve been much different had WWE stuck with the original draft for the show.

Hardy and Orton were previously advertised for a No Holds Barred match this week, but going into Monday, the plan was to book both veteran legends in a multi-segment match until Vince McMahon called for a last-minute change.

“The two had a match announced last week, which was changed the day of Raw. Going into Monday the plan had been a multi-segment match between the two before Vince McMahon called for a change.”

Hardy still has a few dates until his contract runs up on March 1st but the manner in which WWE murdered his character this week makes it apparent that there’s no way for him to step back in the WWE ring again, well, not at this very moment at least.

The fact that Hardy has reportedly been written off television makes fans wonder who’s next in line for The Viper.

On RAW after Royal Rumble, Orton victimized Edge to kick-off their rumored WrestleMania feud but there’s still some time left before The Rated R Superstar makes his way back to the ring.

According to Brad Shepard, Edge would be back on the March 2nd edition of RAW which also happens to be the red brand’s go-home episode of Elimination Chamber. However, fans may have to wait a week longer if WWE delays his return.