WWE Changing NXT Takeover Schedule To Compete With AEW

Image via WWE

WWE has kept a monopoly over the professional wrestling industry for more than two decades now, and the company and Vince McMahon will look to keep a stronghold in the industry.

WWE recently canceled the NXT Takeover event which was scheduled for the Royal Rumble weekend and replaced it with a WWE Worlds Collide event. The Royal Rumble weekend has seen the Takeover event held one day before the Royal Rumble PPV for the last three years.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE has taken this decision in order to schedule NXT Takeover alongside AEW PPVs.

“I do not know that this is happening. I only know that they are re-vamping NXT and it’s no longer going to be the Saturday night before these [pay-per-view] shows and AEW’s not going to be doing pay-per-views on the same day as WWE. That’s part of their strategy to avoid those weekends.”

Both companies have maintained that they do not wish to compete with each other, but their actions prove otherwise. Cody fired the first shot at AEW Double or Nothing, when he destroyed a throne resembling the one associated with Triple H.

WWE delivered a bombshell by moving NXT to national television, which led to the term ‘Wednesday Night Wars’. Now, WWE is rescheduling the NXT Takeovers, which air on WWE Network, to compete with the AEW PPVs, which are currently priced at $50.

WWE has also changed the locations of the post Rumble shows, and those shows will now take place in different arenas. The reasoning behind the move is still uncertain, but it could be to avoid burnout for the crowds.

The new date for the Takeover event is yet to be revealed. Expect WWE to make an announcement after AEW announcing their own PPV. The war is well and truly on!