WWE Commentators Told Not To Mention This Famous Finishing Move On Live TV

chris jericho codebreaker
Image via Youtube

Last week it was revealed that Ricochet actually contacted former WWE star Chris Jericho before he began using his Codebreaker finisher out of respect for the former World Champion. Ricochet’s usual finisher is the 630, but he has recently begun using the Codebreaker as a feed into his finishing move.

Interestingly, Jericho kept a good reputation with WWE even after he departed the company and began working for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Reports revealed that Jericho had even asked permission from Vince McMahon before he accepted the match against Kenny Omega last year.

The relationship between Vince McMahon and Jericho is reportedly not the same now that he’s working for All Elite Wrestling and over the past few months he has spoken about the company in some less than flattering terms, including his recent comments about Baron Corbin not deserving his main event spot at Stomping Grounds.

According to a report by The Wrestling Observer, WWE commentators have now been told that if Ricochet continues to use the move that Jericho called The Codebreaker, then they are not allowed to refer to it by that name. Instead, it appears that the commentary team will be referring to the move as “double knees to the face.”

It is unknown as to whether or not this name was banned because Jericho still often uses the move and keeps the same name, or because the company doesn’t want to be associated with one of the driving forces of AEW right now.

What is known is that the current war between AEW and WWE continues since just 6,000 tickets were sold for last night’s Stomping Grounds event which shows that WWE is struggling to work alongside their newest competition and with Fyter Fest and All Out coming up, it looks like things could get worse for WWE.