WWE Could Be Ditching Scripted Promos To Compete With AEW’s Product

This isn’t the first time AEW has forced WWE’s hand to change their product

Image via WWE

AEW debuts on TNT on October 2 to finally give pro wrestling fans what they want – hardcore wrestling, unscripted promos, more sport and less comedy.

For over a decade, WWE has been plagued with tightly scripted promos – talents (except a select few) utter the scripted dialogues.

The entire pro wrestling community has repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction with WWE’s scripted promos and a lot of Superstars are discontent with the same.

However, AEW has promised not to feature a single scripted promo nor are they hiring any writers to dictate their product.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed AEW’s product strategy to reveal that WWE may have started moving away from scripted promos already.

“Legitimately they are not hiring writers and we are going to see a live two-hour show with no writers, just wrestlers coming up with storylines and going out there and having to cut promos and you know, knowing their bullet points and if they want to memorize their promos they can, if they don’t want to they don’t have to, but there’s not going to be any word-for-word stuff.”

“By the way, on Raw this week several of the promos were not scripted word-for-word which is interesting. So, I mean it’s funny they may be copying or whatever. Let’s face it the scripted promos, we’ve all complained about them forever for whatever reason — they’re badly delivered and lifeless and all that so we’re going to a new concept and we’ll see if pro wrestling needs script writers to be effective television and you know among other things I mean the jury isn’t out for a million things when it comes to AEW, but there are going to be a lot of answers or preliminary answers [soon.]”

Not only has AEW dared to use unscripted promos as their key weapon, but they’ve also forced WWE’s hand to follow suit.

The good news? The fans are the winners here!