WWE Could Be Looking to Resume Live Events Soon

WWE was forced to suspend all of their live events a few months ago when the COVID-19 pandemic meant that travel restrictions were enforced and the company was then forced to set up camp in Orlando, Florida at their Performance Center.

The company has since been pre-recording episodes of Monday Night Raw in recent weeks and took the step to introduce a social distanced NXT audience as part of this week’s episode of the show.

Restrictions are slowly being lifted all over the world and this means that WWE is finally able to open up a conversation regarding their live events.

The company is a few weeks away from being able to travel, but it appears that according to a report by WrestleVotes, WWE is already asking questions about resuming their live event schedule and putting tickets back on sale.

Social distancing guidelines are expected to be in place for at least another year while the world returns to normal following the pandemic, but WWE could be allowed to resume their schedule as early as July.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis speculated that sports could have limited amounts of fans in attendance in June or July, which could be the timeline WWE is currently looking at.