WWE Could Lose Rey Mysterio To AEW If Bad Booking Continues

Mysterio is reportedly unhappy with WWE

Image via WWE

WWE veteran Rey Mysterio returned last year at SmackDown 1000, after a hiatus of four years in which he wrestled for several independent promotions. Mysterio’s return has been riddled with injuries and inconsistent feuds, with Mysterio-Andrade feud going on for a really long time now.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, Rey Mysterio is slightly unhappy with WWE and would jump the ship to AEW “in a heartbeat”. Mysterio’s booking has been a bit questionable, but has not been downright atrocious.

“I mean if they’re gonna treat him like this they’ll die if he goes to AEW. I mean he’ll go there in a heartbeat and they won’t abuse him there because those guys love him. So it’s kinda like, what are you doing?”

Mysterio and Andrade have delivered some high-quality encounters over the past year, but their feud has no proper endgame in sight. There were rumors of a Hair vs Mask at WrestleMania, which never materialized.

Mysterio is absolutely adored by the AEW team and has worked with the team before during the All In PPV. Mysterio teamed up with Fenix and Bandido in a losing effort against the Golden Elite (Kota Ibushi and The Young Bucks).

Rey Mysterio reportedly signed a two-year contract last year and would expire in summer 2020. WWE could try and increase the length of his contract by adding the time out due to injury, similar to what they did with Luke Harper. Losing a name as big as Mysterio to a rival promotion won’t paint a pretty picture for the pro wrestling giants.

Mysterio joining AEW would be a huge move, and will bring much more audience to the product. Mysterio is a household name, not just in USA, but also in the rest of the world. Rey joining the promotion and battling the likes of Fenix and Pentagon will definitely be must-watch television!