WWE Could Reportedly Hold Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan Off Until Hell In A Cell

Lengthy storylines are a thing of the past in the rapidly-changing WWE

Image via WWE

The ongoing Roman Reigns’ mystery attacker storyline is hands-down one of the most intriguing and longest-running programmes in recent times and WWE could be looking to stretch it even further.

Per rumors, Reigns was to face Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and we aren’t even sure whether both men will even go 1-on-1 at Clash Of Champions.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez reported that there’s every chance of a potential swerve down the road but the end result would be Reigns vs Bryan sooner or later.

“Whatever [Vince McMahon] changes in the storyline, the whole idea behind the storyline is to lead to Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns. I guess they could do a a big swerve and say, I don’t know — Rusev was the guy, but I’m pretty sure we’re gonna get Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan.”

This week on SmackDown Live, Rowan was revealed to have been the man behind all the mystery attacks on Reigns. The former Wyatt Family member was instantly dismissed by Bryan with multiple slaps to the face.

“We’re probably going to get it at Clash Of Champions, but they could hold off until Hell In A Cell. So that was the idea that they were going to wrestle at Summerslam. They decided they were gonna do this compelling angle to make people more interested in the match. You can let me know whether you agree with that or not, but that was the idea.”

At this point, there’s every chance for WWE to swerve fans by bringing in a returning Superstar as the very mastermind of the repeated attacks on The Big Dog.

WWE still has two weeks left for Clash Of Champions, so anything can happen – either WWE is going to have Roman and Bryan brawl on September 15 or, Rowan or some other Superstar could be taking Bryan’s spot to hold off that match until October’s Hell In A Cell.