WWE’s COVID-19 Testing Has Seen Zero Positive Cases So Far

WWE continued its tapings despite the worldwide lockdown arising due to the COVID-19 pandemic and managed to stay safe from the novel virus until last week.

A member of the developmental group, which is used as an audience on WWE’s shows, tested positive last week and sent the whole company into a frenzy.

The company had to cancel their tapings scheduled for Tuesday and immediately began company-wide testing. It was noted that this was the first time WWE had company-wide testing, which came as a major shocker.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the company hasn’t discovered any positive cases so far in this round of testing. WWE performed the swab test, which is statistically less accurate than the throat test but it’s currently in the green light.

It was also noted that the previously anonymous performer who was tested positive is a female member of the NXT roster, who hasn’t worked on weekly programming yet.

“The performer who tested positive was a female wrestler in NXT who has not been used on television. She has been one of the fans in the crowd, and was last used in that role on 6/9.”

“No positive test results have been reported so hopefully nobody else was infected by her.”

If WWE ends up with no more positive cases, the tapings will resume accordingly, and the company will hopefully move forward with more precautions in place this time.