WWE Draft Is Reportedly “Done”, FOX & Paul Heyman Fought For 4 Biggest Superstars

Which roster will reign supreme this time around?

Image via WWE

The upcoming WWE Draft kicks off this Friday (October 11th) on SmackDown and will carry over to Monday Night RAW (October 14th).

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that the entire Draft has been chalked out already. As always, plans could change at the very last-minute under Vince McMahon’s leadership, but, WWE has their game-plan ready for the time being.

“The whole draft, now I mean, of course, this could change, but the whole draft is already done. So it’s like they actually got their battle plan. I have no idea what it is and no one’s going to until the day of and they’re not going to tell the talent.”

The WWE Universe will have a clear idea of what’s in store for the brands once the company is through with the Draft next week.

As previously reported, both FOX and USA Network are ardent on drawing the biggest names but it’s the duty of WWE to ensure that all rosters are equally balanced.

Wrestle Votes is reporting that FOX has demanded Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair on SmackDown while Paul Heyman is firing on all cylinders to land “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and Aleister Black on RAW.

“Draft info is being kept tight lipped, rightfully so. They are trying to make this a big deal. With that said, I know Heyman has fought for Bray Wyatt & Aleister Black to land on RAW. On the flip side, FOX – not specifically Bischoff, has remained steady for Reigns & Charlotte.”

The upcoming Draft is going to be the most important one in recent years given it’s not just another random Superstar shake-up. Rather, it’s a battle of brands and supremacy of broadcast networks this time around.

FOX will definitely want to have as many big names as possible given arch-rival USA Network has two rosters in its arsenal (RAW & NXT).