WWE Draft Set to Take Place in October This Year

WWE held a draft last year during the debut of SmackDown on FOX and spread it over two nights to draw in extra viewers. WWE has also held a ‘shakeup’ every year since the brand split in 2016, with a few minor changes on both the rosters.

The draft will make a return once again this year, and although it is unclear whether the company wishes to organize a full-fledged draft, the plans are set in motion.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that the company’s current plans for the draft will include one in the month of October.

“Last week the idea was late August, but then with the second PPV show on 8/30, they figured to wait until after that. So then it was moved to October which is where it is this week, but can easily change, like everything does”

Initially, the company planned to organize a draft in August itself, but with SummerSlam set to take place this month, a draft would have completely changed the plans for the same. This led to a move to October, which will be exactly a year after the previous draft.

The falling ratings for the company have led to several new plans like RAW Underground, and the return of the draft will definitely help them capture more audiences. Draft-Day episodes have historically been highly rated over the years.