WWE Drops Change To NXT After Recent Victories In Wednesday Night Wars

All Elite Wrestling’s arrival onto the scene early this year immediately sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling industry, and WWE didn’t sit on their hands seeing the new kid on the block take giant strides towards their direction.

After AEW announced the arrival of their weekly show on TNT on Wednesday nights, everyone expected WWE to pull off some major move of their own. WWE obliged and announced a stunning TV deal for NXT, and even started their programming two weeks prior to the launch of AEW Dynamite.

However, NXT couldn’t hold up in ratings against AEW, and for several weeks, AEW dominated the viewership on Wednesday nights. During this time, WWE held meetings to decide the next course of action in order to take down AEW, as Vince McMahon is not an individual to sit behind and watch his rivals get ahead in the race.

It was rumored that WWE were planning a slew of changes to NXT, including a move away from Full Sail in the coming months, to bring a better feel to the show and compete with AEW’s presentation. However, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, these changes are being held off at this point, after NXT rebounded with all the Survivor Series drama in the past few weeks.

“They’re pretty much committed to Full Sail through March. You know they were gonna — there was talk of going out in January, but you know now that they’re not losing in the ratings and it’s not an embarrassment you know, they don’t need to move. You know, if it becomes an embarrassment that’s a different story. Vince doesn’t like to lose.”

“Right now they’re not blaming the venue because they’re doing okay.”

NXT is currently in a good position, and if it continues, Full Sail could end up being the permanent spot for the yellow brand. The ticket sales arising from bigger arenas could be tempting, but they bring additional traveling and other expenses, which would take a toll on the ‘developmental’ roster.