WWE Drops Plans Of a New Stable On RAW

Stables allow more superstars to get screen time and work a rivalry

Image via WWE

Stables in professional wrestling are a perfect way to utilize the superstars, and keep storylines fresh with battles between factions. Every superstar in NJPW is part of some faction, with Bullet Club being the most popular of the lot.

WWE tried out a new stable of their own on WWE Main-Event and Live Events this past month, with the lower card superstars such as EC3, Cesaro and Robert Roode appearing together as The Main Event Muscle Men.

Mike Johnson on PWInsider Elite reported that WWE has apparently given up on the stable and there seem to be no plans for them moving forward. WWE has several such experiments on live shows, and only a few of those actually make it to WWE programming.

“I have heard zero about EC3 or Bobby Roode or that stable. I think it was an idea that they were doing an experiment with and it just never moved forward. Just one of those things that gets cast off as creative churned and there were new people brought in to run the different brands.We’ll have to see what the future of EC3, Cesaro, and Roode are under Paul Heyman and/or Eric Bischoff.”

All the three superstars are immensely talented performers, with Cesaro being the most successful of the lot in WWE. Roode won the US title and is a former NXT Champion. EC3 won several accolades during his TNA run, but has failed to do anything significant in his WWE run.

WWE needs to bring more stables to the picture, as it allows more superstars to get screen time and work a rivalry, instead of being wasted on the bench. Attitude Era in WWE had several factions such as the Hart Foundation, D-Generation X, The Ministry of Darkness, The Nation of Domination to name a few.

With the introduction of The OC last month, and the success of New Day, WWE should try out more stables in the future.