WWE Employee Claims He Is Being “Forced To Work”, Protests Decision Regarding Company’s ‘Essential’ Designation

On April 9th, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis changed WWE’s designation to that of “essential business”, which means that the company’s employees are now seen as key workers due to the entertainment value that the company holds.

In the weeks that have followed, WWE has presented a number of live shows as well as also revealing their pre-recording schedule for the next two months. Despite the ruling, which came the day that the McMahon family pledged to spend $18.5 million on advertising in Florida, there is at least one WWE employee who isn’t a fan of being “forced to work” in the current climate.

The above Tweet confirmed that the employee who had been referred to as “John” was worried about taking his issues to the higher-ups in the company given the recent releases throughout the business, which were causing the person in question to fear the termination of his contract.

Jon Alba stated on Twitter that the employee revealed that he was being “forced to work” despite stay home orders in Florida.

Of course, the nature of WWE’s programming means that the company is forced to flaunt the social distancing guidelines that were set at the beginning of the current pandemic. The wrestling business’s nature means that employees are forced to work in close contact and touch one another, but WWE is adhering to strict sanitary procedures as well as limiting the amount of employees in one location at any one time, so as to fall in line with the mass gathering restrictions.

The claim comes after many WWE fans have commented on the fact that WWE being labeled as “Essential business” is a shocking decision, especially since it’s been revealed through a number of sources that at least one on air talent in WWE has contracted the COVID-19 virus.