WWE Employees are Reportedly Happy With New Short-Term Contracts

After releasing a string of talents earlier this year, including long-term employees, WWE has moved toward short-term contracts which have its own benefits. A new report has come to light with the details of how much WWE is paying the recent signees.

Fightful Select is reporting that $60,000 downside guarantee is the least the new signees will make. This is apart from the additional $500 bonus they will receive for each episode of television they work on.

The report states that the bonuses will increase significantly as the original short-term contracts will be increased to $80,000 in January. The employees can expect to receive triple the amount of current bonus.

The employees are reportedly happy with the short-term deals, as it will help WWE “avoid stockpiling and hoarding talent” if creative has nothing for them and they are not being used on the shows and this was one of the major issues in the past.