WWE Employees Reportedly Getting $3,000 Stock Awards

Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics is reporting that some WWE employees are getting stock awards that are valued at $3,000.

“Not every employee received the award but a large number. The stock units vest next month” said Thurston in a Tweet.

The news of this move by WWE follows reports that last Friday, employees, and staffers in different departments of the company were told that the company would not be giving out bonuses, promotions, or raises for a while.

The news was reportedly upsetting to many of those at the meeting. On-air talent and wrestlers were not present during the meeting.

There is no official word on this stock award and Thurston’s sources did not tell him that this decision to release a stock award for employees is related to the fact that WWE will not be giving out raises or bonuses and the discontent that this announcement stirred up.

Given as WWE also released their Q4 and Full Year 2020 financial report at the start of February and revealed that they had actually done well financially ($974.2 million revenue for 2020), it is thought by many that the company can actually afford to treat their employees better than they allegedly have been.