WWE Evolution 2 is Reportedly Not Included in Plans

October 28, 2018, was a historic day in pro wrestling as WWE held its inaugural all-women pay-per-view Evolution.

The event featured female Superstars from WWE’s past and present and thanks to all the positive feedback it received from fans and critics alike, a second Evolution PPV seemed inevitable.

However, fast forward to 2020, and there’s still no sign of an Evolution sequel.

According to RingsideNews, WWE’s current plans don’t include a second Evolution event. The 2018 PPV materialized due to certain factors that just aren’t around at present.

The women’s division in WWE has since campaigned for another Evolution show but it seems WWE has turned a deaf ear to all of them, including the WWE Universe’s repeated requests to host another all-female PPV.

At this point, WWE’s product and ratings are on a steady decline and the company should primarily focus on getting its act together instead of rushing for Evolution 2.