WWE Executives, Referees, and Producers Taking Pay Cuts, Finals of Intercontinental Championship Tournament Already Taped

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, WWE has been taking cost-cutting measures to ensure that business will be sustained until they can have live shows and events again.

The most infamous of these measures was the release of multiple superstars across the brands as well as backstage personnel in April.

Even this week we are hearing of people such as Nigel McGuiness getting furloughed, hopefully only till the pandemic ends.

Back in April, WWE stated that aside from talent and staff cuts they would also be reducing the compensation of executives and board members and it began this weekend.

PWInsider.com reported yesterday that several executives and officials of the WWE were told over the last two days that they would be getting reductions on their pay.

Meanwhile, according to Dave Meltzer at the Wrestling Observer Radio, referees and producers who were not let go or furloughed have had their pay cut.

Meltzer said that it was believed that most of the active referees have had their pay cut by around 20%.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many changes in the way WWE is currently operating. Aside from the fact that there are no more live shows, some storylines have had to be changed due to wrestlers being unable or unwilling to perform.

One such wrestler is Sami Zayn, who had held the Intercontinental Championship. Since Zayn was unwilling to perform, he was stripped of the title and an Intercontinental Championship tournament has been held on SmackDown for the past two weeks.

The finals of the Intercontinental Championship tournament is set to be aired on the June 12th episode of SmackDown. Right now, the finalists are Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles.

According to Sean Ross Sap of Fightful Select, despite there being a few weeks before the finals are set to air, it has already been taped.

The taping of the finals was done on May 26 at the WWE Performance Center and according to Sapp the match is supposed to be “unbelievable”.