WWE Has Furloughed Long-Time TV Director Kerwin Silfies

Several employees were laid off last week as part of WWE’s latest cost-cutting measures; the juggernaut promotion made big cuts across the board in all departments in an effort to recover from the financial damages suffered because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Long-time WWE director Kerwin Silfies is among the unlucky individuals who lost their jobs during the global pandemic. The fact that WWE actually slashed such a loyal and veteran name off their payroll has put everybody on notice.

During Grilling JR, Conrad Thompson revealed that Silfies has been furloughed. The tenured employee isn’t getting paid and given his veteran status in WWE, it’s hard to believe that Vince McMahon won’t bring him back in the near future.

 “I don’t know if some of these names are out there but I hear that Kerwin Silfies got furloughed. Kerwin’s been there since Vince’s there, right?”

Silfies has been on the WWE team since the 1980s. He’s one of the major driving forces behind the scenes and has been the director of all live WWE programming for a long time, since the first RAW and far before that. He’s in charge of all camera shots that are shown on any given broadcast.

WWE Hall Of Famer and AEW announcer, Jim Ross also noted how slashing Silfies and other veterans, namely, Fit Finlay, Kurt Angle, Mike Chioda off the employee list hasn’t been a wise move on WWE’s part.

“Kerwin was there a long time before I got there and I got there in 93. Kerwin was very well established as the director [and he] worked in the truck. Kerwin took a lot of shit over the years … Kerwin Silfies is a great director and here’s the thing that [WWE] discounts sometimes – is that they have discounted [and] apparently furloughed and or fired some great people with great product knowledge and that to me is always a big thing.”