WWE Has Plans To Avoid WrestleMania Spoilers, Expected To Add a Number Of Filler Matches To The Show

Image via Twitter

WWE is expected to start pre-taping WrestleMania 36 this week since given the COVID-19 pandemic, having the show stream live next weekend is no longer feasible. The show will also be streamed over two nights and already has 13 matches officially confirmed with almost two weeks to go before the big event.

Given the fact that the show is being pre-recorded almost a week before it actually airs, WWE is aware that fans will be looking for spoilers ahead of the show, so according to PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, the company has plans in place to ensure that the results remain under wraps.

“They’re using such a small crew that I pretty much believe that those who are there on-site will probably be too paranoid to want to really go into detail about what’s going on. Especially if we have spoilers for night one everyone who is there for night two is going to have a finger pointed at them whether they like it or not with that material leaking out.”

While WWE is putting plans in place to avoid spoilers, it appears that the company is still putting some WrestleMania matches together. There are 13 matches on the card for the two-night show and Mike Johnson went on to reveal that he has been told to expect many more.

“I was told to expect more matches to WrestleMania, believe it or not. I was told to expect some random sorta zany matches announced. That’s what I was told earlier today.”

The original WrestleMania card was said to have 16 matches, but since the show is now taking place over two nights, WWE has a lot of air time to fill and could add many more matches. Daniel Bryan vs Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Championship is expected to be confirmed on SmackDown this week, while a SmackDown Tag Team Championship match could also be added.