WWE Has Reportedly Offered New Contracts to Recently Released Superstars

On April 15th, WWE released hundreds of employees as part of the major cutbacks in an effort to stay profitable during the on-going coronavirus pandemic. Now, the company is planning to re-hire select talents at a fraction of the previous cost.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez reported that a bunch of Superstars have been offered contracts to return to WWE but the money is not anywhere close to what they were making under their previous deals.

“There have been people who have been released from WWE and they have been offered deals to come back and the offers for them to return are a fraction of what they were making.”

As previously reported, WWE is extremely interested in re-signing Kurt Angle to a lucrative deal. Vince McMahon doesn’t want to see the Olympic Gold Medalist in AEW by any means.

Angle, who previously declined WWE’s offer to become Matt Riddle’s on-screen manager, is currently focused on running his “Physically Fit Nutrition” business than returning to the billion-dollar promotion.

However, the fact that the new deals are basically a token compared to what the talents were making previously, it seems that not everyone who has received the said offers would be interested in working for Mr. McMahon again.

Impact Wrestling’s latest Slammiversay commercial features several released WWE Superstars who could be appearing at their upcoming PPV. It’s pretty clear that WWE doesn’t want their former talents to work for any rival promotion which explains the logic behind their latest move.

“The offers that I’ve seen, we may be seeing a fair number of people showing up at Impact. I don’t know that but I just know that based on what I’ve seen – some renewal offers – there are definitely people that would definitely go to Impact Wrestling.”

It remains to be seen which former Superstars re-take up on WWE’s petty offers.