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WWE Implementing New Strategy To Give Off “Real Sport” Vibe, Two RAW Superstars In For Huge Push

WWE is in the midst of a challenging situation right now – on the one hand, there’s fierce competition from AEW while on the other, there’s tremendous pressure to deliver decent viewership ratings for the sake of keeping their new television deals intact.

This week on Monday Night RAW, Drew McIntyre wrestled Ricochet in singles action. The Scottish Pyscopath walked away with the victory but WWE tried a new strategy to give a more ‘sport’ vibe to their product. During the match, 16-time World Champion Ric Flair was interviewed at ringside which happens to be a fresh addition to weekly programming.

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On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that WWE’s new tactic is directly copied from UFC’s product for the purpose of transitioning themselves from “sports entertainment” to “real sport”.

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“That’s the thing they’re trying to copy real sport. They’ve been doing this in UFC now where they’ll have like a sideline reporter and interview the cornermen and things like that which I think is so annoying, but that’s the new thing that they do. So that’s what they were trying to copy, that sports thing and usually they don’t have managers so usually they don’t have a chance to do that here, but with Flair at ringside. Yeah, to hear Flair interviewed while the match is going on that was quite something.”

Meanwhile, both McIntyre and Ricochet are in for a major singles push on RAW. However, The Scottish Psychopath emerged victorious over The One And Only last night as he was the returning Superstar on the show.

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“I know that their plans for both guys is to be strong right now and I think that they’re probably trying to get McIntyre over for a top spot right now.”

McIntyre and Ricochet will meet again at Crown Jewel as representatives of Team Flair and Team Hogan respectively.


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