WWE In Saudi Arabia: Vince McMahon Addressed Superstars In a Backstage Meeting Before RAW

Contradictory reports have made the WWE Universe question the content of the meeting

Image via WWE

WWE reportedly had a monetary dispute with Saudi Arabia that led to Vince McMahon cutting their feed of the Crown Jewel pay-per-view and delaying it by 40 minutes. Superstars faced the aftermath as The Kingdom detained them for long hours until Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman had figured out what to do with them.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that during the backstage meeting with the Superstars shortly before Monday Night RAW, McMahon had revealed that Saudi officials themselves had requested for the delay of the broadcast.

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“[Vince McMahon] said — now I was told that the reason the television show didn’t air was because of a technical issue. Vince told the talent that the reason — we’re talking about Crown Jewel not airing live in Saudi Arabia, it aired on about a 45 minute delay — Vince told the talent that that was a decision made by Saudi Arabia to delay it by 40 minutes. That’s what he said in the meeting.”

Per rumors, The Kingdom owed McMahon a substantial amount of money which they didn’t pay until the CEO took the matter in his hands, eventually leading to the nasty fallout.

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Superstars had to pay the price; they were sent back to their hotels while Vince flew back to the United States. Thereafter, WWE blamed the talent for disclosing things on social media and making matters worse.

“The company blamed talent speculation for causing a problem, the talent was told the flight issues were all mechanical and nothing more, and Seth Rollins attempted to do a rah-rah speech while telling people to keep things like this off social media in the future.”

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However, Brad Shepard’s latest report, contrary to Meltzer’s words, suggests that Seth Rollins never gave a “locker room leader” speech before RAW and neither were the Superstars blamed for the entire situation.