WWE in Talks to Introduce a New Championship on Raw Underground

Raw Underground was a concept that was introduced by Shane McMahon on Monday Night Raw just four weeks ago.

The new addition to the show takes place throughout the final hour and includes many WWE stars shoot fighting in a badly lit room. These stars have included Dolph Ziggler, Riddick Moss, Shayna Baszler, and last night Marina Shafir made her debut on the show.

Despite only being on tv screens for less than a month, there has already been talk of WWE introducing a Championship belt to RAW Underground and according to BeltfanDan on Twitter, the belt is set to be similar to the Hardcore Championship where it will be beaten up, spray painted and include some brick texturing.

This was just an idea that was pitched and it could give the show some kind of order since it currently can include any star at any time and there’s no consistency in each episode. A Champion would give every star someone to aim for and it would create a pyramid for the show.

As noted, this is just an idea at present, but it will be interesting to see if the company decides that the show needs a title in the coming weeks.