WWE Instructed Talents to Hold Back Against Shayna Baszler on Raw Underground

RAW Underground was back with yet another chapter this week as Shayna Baszler invaded the Underground scene to maker her presence felt in the blood-sport themed fights.

Baszler tore apart several women including Emily Andzulis, Marina Tucker, and Sofia Castillo. The former NXT Women’s Champion was then lauded by Shane McMahon.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez revealed that WWE had specifically instructed the female talents to hold back against Baszler. The idea was to portray The Queen Of Spades as an invincible force in the shoot-style fights.

It was further noted that Andzulis trains Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has the skills to hold her ground against Baszler. However, WWE had instructed her to act like she didn’t know how to fight.

Tucker and Castillo also have MMA training but were told to take a beating. The fight ended after Andzulis tapped out to Baszler.

All four women have MMA training but it was Baszler who shone on RAW Underground. It’s pretty clear that WWE is again pushing her as a top-tier Superstar in the women’s division and it remains to be seen just how long it takes for The Queen Of Spades to reinsert herself into the women’s title picture.