WWE Interested In Signing Former World Champion’s Son

Image via WWE

Rey Mysterio‘s son Dominic is being viewed as a future prospect by the WWE officials, and WWE wants to start using him in storylines once again. Dominic appeared in WWE earlier this year, confronting his father’s rival Samoa Joe.

WWE wants to start using Dominic in storylines once again, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Dominic has been receiving training from several wrestlers including Lance Storm, and WWE expects to see him in the ring by 2020.

Dominic first made an appearance on WWE television in 2005, during a feud between the late great Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. Dominic was the subject of their feud, with Eddie claiming himself to be his father.

A grown-up adult version of Dominic appeared earlier this year and had a few segments with Samoa Joe. Although he wasn’t involved in anything physical on WWE programming, they did tease a confrontation.

Rey Mysterio is currently involved in a feud with former NXT Champion Andrade, who has defeated Mysterio two times in as many weeks now. The former World Champion gave a heartfelt promo after his loss on Monday, and reiterated several times that he has his family by his side.

Mysterio’s comments are a sign of WWE bringing back his son for future storylines. The 21-year-old looked confident and didn’t show any signs of nervousness in front of camera, and with his wrestling training, he could become a major superstar in WWE.

WWE currently don’t see him as a proper fit for wrestling on WWE programming and want him to be involved in the storylines at this point. After his training, we could see a fast-tracking to the main roster for Dominic, and he could skip NXT run altogether.

Rey Mysterio’s current contract with WWE expires next Summer, and it will be interesting to see if Mysterio renews with WWE or moves to other promotions.