WWE Is Reportedly Clueless About The Direction Of Roman Reigns’ Current Storyline

Did WWE make a blunder by shifting the focus to Rowan?

Image via WWE

The ongoing Roman Reigns storyline is getting lengthier every week and the WWE Universe has absolutely no clue how far the climax is, if there is any climax at all!

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted that the people backstage in WWE are clueless about the storyline. Only Vince McMahon knows what lies next in Reigns’ ongoing storyline as he continues to tear scripts up at the very last minute week in, week out.

Vince I guess either came up with the idea of Roman Reigns vs Rowan first, or that’s actually not what they’re going to be doing […] this is absolutely true — nobody on SmackDown has any idea what’s going on. Nobody who is responsible for putting this show together — they have no idea where this is going. They don’t know if it’s going to be Daniel Bryan vs Roman, they don’t know if it’s going to be Rowan vs Roman Reigns. Nobody knows because only one guy knows right now and it’s Vince and he’s been tearing up the script every single week and writing a new one and this is where we are right now.”

Reigns will be facing Rowan in less than two weeks at Clash Of Champions.

Per previous reports, The Big Dog would be facing Daniel Bryan at Hell In A Cell to bring an end to this lengthy “who attacked Roman Reigns” mystery.

The Wrap reports that the storyline has gotten way out of hand to the extent that if WWE made an attempt to explain the initial plans, not a single word or sentence would make any sense.

According to the WWE insider, the storyline was “botched so bad” that “explaining to anyone what it was supposed to be wouldn’t make any sense at all.”

Hopefully, WWE will wrap it up before SmackDown’s move to FOX on October 4.