WWE Issues Pay Raise To NXT Superstars, Not All Talent Has Re-Signed New Multi-Year Contracts

NXT now stands as a legitimate WWE brand alongside RAW & SmackDown

Image via WWE

It’s been almost five months since WWE NXT debuted on the USA Network as a two-hour live weekly program. The Superstars were highly expectant of a pay raise after the official announcement of the television deal and it didn’t take long for WWE to fulfill their wishes.

Fightful reports that NXT talents began receiving “significant” pay raises in October, just a month following the TV debut of the black-and-gold brand.

“Several NXT talent got significant raises back in October when the new television deal with USA Network kicked in. We heard that it wasn’t exactly Raw or Smackdown money, but was “substantial” for those that ended up signing them compared to what they were making before.”

The “substantial” raise came with new three-year contracts and quite interestingly, not everyone on the NXT roster had signed on the dotted lines.

“We’re told that most of the contracts came with new three-year agreements as a result. Not all of the talent offered signed the new deals. We’re working to find out who offered is among those.”

AEW’s emerging presence in the pro wrestling industry has ensured that wrestlers are paid handsomely no matter which tier or promotion they belong to, and similarly, the NXT talents weren’t ready to accept anything than a sufficient raise.

“When we’d asked one talent whether or not they were getting a raise for the move to TV in the summer, they said “we’d better be,” and mentioned that other talent echoed that same sentiment. However, not everyone signed the new deals offered.”

As previously reported, WWE is receiving $30 million/year from USA Network to air NXT every Wednesday against TNT’s AEW. Both rival promotions have been able to topple the other in television ratings with a constant shift in momentum every week.

For what it’s worth, NXT has already established itself as a third legitimate standalone WWE brand as opposed to being a developmental territory and it shouldn’t come off as a surprise if WWE asks for a humongous figure to air the show upon expiry of their existing television deal with USA Network.