WWE Keeping Everything Behind Closed Doors To Prevent Leaks

The juggernaut promotion is taking strict measures to protect its business

Image via WWE

WWE leaks have become a common thing in recent years and that often hurts the billion-dollar company’s plans in a big way.

Today, the WWE Universe almost always comes across a huge leak before every weekly show, be it RAW, SmackDown, NXT, as well as pay-per-views. This upsetting trend has oftentimes killed fan interest in storylines and the effect is clearly visible in sluggish, dreadful ticket sales.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that WWE is taking precautionary measures to prevent future leaks for protecting their business.

“What this is [because WWE is] so scared of anything getting out that they don’t tell anyone anything. so therefore, all these people whether you’re in the live events department whether you’re in the — but they won’t tell anyone anything because they’re afraid it’s gonna get out and you can’t and I don’t know that you should run a wrestling company, I guess things get out when you don’t want them to.”

WWE is tight-lipped to prevent its employees from getting the slightest clue as to what happens next. Don’t be surprised if the promotion starts giving out false information down the line!

“[The Draft order leak] is a different kind of incompetence. That’s because someone put it up when they were told to put it up in alphabetical order. That’s not what I’m talking about. What I’m talking about is when you’ll do things and you have plans, but you won’t tell anyone your long term plans even though that means that your advertising is all out of whack.”

While a small portion of fans prefer early leaks to spare themselves of the long hours of poor product that WWE has been catering in recent years, others are strictly against spoilers of all sorts.

Will WWE be successful in battling backstage ‘rats’ and preventing leaks from hereon?