WWE’s Long Term Plan For Lars Sullivan Is Somewhat Surprising

The Freak has portrayed the same character for his entire WWE run

Lars Sullivan
Image via ESPN

Lars Sullivan has his first official WWE match at Super ShowDown on Friday night, where he takes on The Lucha House Party in a three-on-one handicap match where the trio is actually seen as the underdogs despite having the numbers advantage.

Sullivan has destroyed everyone in his path over the past few months ever since his promotion to the main roster which shows that the company is looking to push him as the next monster.

Interestingly, they have allowed Sullivan to cut his own promos even though the smart thing would have been for him to remain mute so that he came across as an angry monster without reason behind his attacks.

The Freak has portrayed the same character for his entire WWE run, but according to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, there is a plan in place for Sullivan to become a babyface monster much like Braun Strowman in the future.

“I mean with Lars they don’t even get the monster, I know with Vince especially when he said that one line about bodily fluids and the announcers start laughing it’s like, oh god they’re writing for Vince and Vince actually likes this and the announcers have to laugh at something that’s not funny, it was really bad.”

“It’s like they’ve got this idea that Lars is this tortured guy who his whole life he’s been called a freak so because of that he acts so violently on everyone, but he’s actually in a weird way very intelligent. This is the idea of his character.”

“They’re already [working with] the idea that someday like Braun Strowman he’ll be this big babyface. I can already see it. Maybe, I just think he should be a monster and never talk,” he said via Ringsidenews.

The report suggests that the company is pushing him as a monster who has turned that way because he’s been called a Freak all of his life, which is quite an in-depth storyline for the former NXT star to dig his claws into.