WWE Looking to Bring Back Big Names for WrestleMania 37

The return of big names (or part-timers) during WrestleMania is almost a tradition now, and according to WrestleVotes, at least two big names are practically locked in for WrestleMania 37.

WrestleVotes is reporting that WWE is targeting four big matches for this year’s event. WrestleMania 37 will be a two-night affair with two major matches happening each night.  In order to do so, WWE is looking to bring in multiple major stars.

They are reporting that both Goldberg and John Cena are almost “locked-in” for the show, while the Undertaker is “TBD”.  They are also reporting that The Rock is “unlikely” for this year’s show.

Goldberg is already set to face WWE Champion Drew McIntyre at Royal Rumble. He has a contract which states that he needs to have two matches a year, so it’s likely the second will occur during WrestleMania 37.

Meanwhile, the Undertaker is considered retired but WrestleVotes is reporting that the “majority of those backstage” believe that a single call from Vince McMahon would result in the Undertaker making an appearance.

Cena’s last official appearance in WWE programming was actually during WrestleMania 36 last year, where he was part of the Firefly Funhouse match with Bray Wyatt.