WWE Management Reportedly Upset With Goldberg, Backstage Heat Evident On SmackDown Live

The former WCW legend apparently dug his own grave at Super ShowDown

Image via WWE

Bill Goldberg lost to The Undertaker at WWE’s overseas Super ShowDown pay-per-view event last month in a match that not only turned out to be the worst booking on the card, but also became the front runner for the worst WWE match of 2019.

Over the last couple of weeks, Dolph Ziggler has repeatedly mentioned Goldberg in his promos, and this gave birth to rumors about the WCW legend making a potential return at SummerSlam.

It all began with Ziggler labelling his 17-second loss to Kevin Owens at Extreme Rules as “Goldberg bad.” Again this week on SmackDown Live, the blonde Superstar noted that the RAW Reunion special was just as embarrassing as Goldberg’s wrestling skills.

However, it turns out that there are absolutely no plans for a Goldberg return at SummerSlam.

On Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed that Ziggler following the script and taking shots at Goldberg on camera is enough to give fans a rough idea about the internal feeling towards the 52-year-old Hall Of Famer post-Super ShowDown.

Meltzer further noted that WWE doesn’t even have any plans for a special Goldberg appearance on the SmackDown debut show on FOX (October 4).

While executives won’t reveal anything directly, there are people in the management who are quite upset with Goldberg. After all, it was a dream booking at Super ShowDown and the former Universal Champion himself ruined the entire match while also making The Phenom appear outright pathetic.

Goldberg concussing himself was what had turned the match into a complete disaster. Not only did The Undertaker receive half of the blame, but he could’ve also gotten injured due to Bill’s recklessness that night.

While WWE had given The Deadman a second chance to erase the abysmal impression at Extreme Rules, it doesn’t seem like Goldberg is on the verge of getting any such opportunity anytime soon.