WWE May Move on From House Shows in the Post-COVID-19 Era

It seems like WWE doesn’t want to continue with doing live events from now on, a recent report by Wrestling Observer Newsletter indicated.

A few days ago, WWE fired another set of employees including some long-time workers. Ever since the global health crisis put house shows on hold, WWE has been trying new ways to keep up with its revenue.

In April, WWE released over 30 wrestlers in a cost-cutting measure. However, those wrestlers weren’t making huge profits to WWE which is why they released them.

Live events were a daily routine for wrestlers in WWE and wrestlers had to travel almost the entire year from one country to the other.

Many people have complained about such a hectic schedule and this is why most wrestlers jumped ship from WWE to AEW, where wrestlers have more time to spend with their loved ones.

Here’s what Meltzer said about WWE and the future of live events:

“What they found out is that with no house shows, all of a sudden WWE shop merch numbers skyrocketed, and the total merch sales ended up being almost identical to when there were shows, which shocked everyone.”

Despite no physical fan attendance, WWE has managed to keep up the revenue, which might trigger them to move on from them forever.

However, during WWE’s Q3 earnings call this year, Chief Financial Officer Kristina Salen said that the company intends to return to live events soon. Even if they don’t entirely cut house shows, wrestlers can still expect a much lighter schedule going forward.