WWE’s New RAW & SmackDown Themes Reportedly Confirmed, Update On Future Of 205 Live

Image via Twitter

WWE’s Premiere Week kicks off next Monday with a stacked episode of RAW followed by a gala SmackDown debut on FOX.

The billion dollar promotion’s new television deals commence in October as both RAW and SmackDown will flaunt new looks and a fresh presentation overall.

Per Wrestle Votes, both brands are set to feature new themes – “Legendary” by Skillet will light up RAW every Monday night while AC/DC’s “Are You Ready” will embrace SmackDown.

“Getting a lot of questions about whether “show opening” intro videos will return? The answer is YES. For both shows, with the themes that have been played some already. RAW will use “Legendary” by Skillet & SD has “Are You Ready” by AC/DC.“

Per rumors, pyros could be making its way back to weekly television as WWE plans to give an edgy feel to their product.

Meanwhile, the future of 205 Live continues to be blurry despite the struggling brand being given the Friday night slot (10 PM EST) temporarily i.e. after SmackDown concludes.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that WWE went as far as cancelling 205 Live altogether.

“We were told this was only temporary. As noted before, there were many different ideas suggested for 205 Live, including eliminating the show completely. No final decision has been made, so this is really just a temporary fix until that decision is made.”

At this point, NXT is being pushed as the third stand-alone show after RAW & SmackDown which is why it’s difficult to see where 205 Live can potentially fit in.

The Cruiserweight Division has its own roster full of talented Superstars and cancelling the 205 Live show will put a big question mark over the future of these wrestlers.

AEW Dynamite and the subsequent AEW vs WWE/NXT wars could potentially open a door for the Cruiserweights, but at this point, they’re being juggled around as an afterthought.