WWE’s Next Target Could Debut On The Main Roster Directly

Image via Twitter

WWE recently released a few superstars and could be looking to bring in new faces to fill in the void left by them. It was recently reported that WWE is after recently turned free-agent Killer Kross, who previously wrestled for Impact.

WWE was reportedly ready to make a huge offer to Kross, in order to keep him away from the AEW shores. WWE is apparently willing to snap up superstars who could be a game-changer for AEW, and Kross is one of them.

According to WrestlingNews.co, WWE is looking to fast-track Kross into the upper-card of main-roster programming, and he is in a prime position to receive a lucrative offer from the company.

“When I asked about Kross, the only thing I was told about him from someone in WWE is that, if he hasn’t already, he should get a better offer than most that have been offered and they are willing to have him start on Raw or SmackDown and fast track him into the upper card. Kross is in a great negotiating spot right now.”

The privilege of skipping NXT and moving straight to the main roster hasn’t gone to several wrestlers, as only a handful of superstars such as AJ Styles, Bobby Lashley, Ronda Rousey, etc. received such deals.

Even seasoned veterans like Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode had to go through the NXT route in-order to get to the main roster, which signals big things for the 34-year old superstar. Kross is currently scheduled to make his debut for MLW next year, which could change if a deal with WWE falls in place.

Killer Kross could be the next in line to directly make his presence felt on the main roster, and he could be a valuable addition to the red brand, which is lacking real feel in the upper-card, leading to several squash matches every week.