WWE Nixes Huge Match From Summerslam, Reportedly Unhappy After Card Was Leaked

WWE were rumored to add four more matches to the Summerslam card this week

Image via WWE

WWE presents the Biggest Party of The Summer, WWE Summerslam 2019 this Sunday from Toronto, Canada, and the card looks stacked with plenty of intriguing battles between some big names. Two Hall of Famers have made their returns for the show, and several other championship matches are scheduled for the pay-per-view.

However, WWE is reportedly unhappy due to some of the matches from the card getting leaked. The Trish Stratus-Charlotte Flair rivalry was leaked by several dirt sheets much in advance, which reportedly irked the WWE officials. Brad Shepard said on his podcast that the company was extremely unhappy after Stratus’ return was leaked.

WWE kept Goldberg‘s return a secret from the staff, but the match was eventually leaked anyway. Brad Shepard said the Goldberg return being kept a secret was done after Stratus’ information was leaked to the media.

“After I reported about Trish and Charlotte training in the greater Toronto area […] I actually got a DM from someone — very upset that I had released that information. They weren’t happy at all. They obviously didn’t want that information out. Maybe that’s why they clamped down on Goldberg so much, I don’t know, but you know they were also trying to be protective of the Trish news as well.”

WWE were rumored to add four more matches to the Summerslam card this week. However, the Fatal Four Way for the Women’s Tag Team Championships took place on RAW itself, and the rumored Daniel Bryan-Roman Reigns match-up is set to be nixed. According to PWInsider, the match won’t take place at Summerslam and will be held at a later date.

Originally, the Summerslam card was to have featured Roman Reigns against Daniel Bryan, but the word making the rounds at TV last night was that the bout will likely be dropped in order to let the current storyline play out.

WWE’s efforts to keep the storylines secret failed and that has led to several reshuffling happening in the build-up to Summerslam.