WWE NXT On USA Network To Be Produced On “A Larger Scale”, Money Involved In The TV Deal

All. Out. Life.

Image via thechairshot.com

NXT is debuting on USA Network on September 18 as WWE eagerly looks forward to drawing first blood in the upcoming Wednesday Night Wars with AEW.

The switch over to USA Network will see NXT transition into a two-hour weekly programme, going head-to-head with AEW’s TNT show on Wednesday nights.

As previously reported, Vince McMahon is ready to change the landscape of NXT and that has bothered a large portion of the WWE Universe to a significant extent.

However, the good news is that the production crew will remain unchanged, so we won’t have to worry about The Chairman revamping the very feel of the entire show.

On PWInsider Elite audio, Mike Johnson stated that the same crew built by Paul “Triple H” Levesque will continue to produce NXT on USA Network, but on a “larger scale”.

“I’m told it’s still going to be the same production team that they use which is the production team that did the Evolution pay-per-view. It’s that team that Triple H has kinda built over the last four or five years. I get the impression it’s not changing.”

“So there’s going to be NXT on a larger scale.”

Over the years, television deals have paid WWE pretty well so much so that the promotion has even spent a bank on returning legends and pop-culture talents to attract viewers and boost viewership time and again.

Deadline is reporting that Guggenheim Securities analyst Curry Baker claims that the NXT-USA Network TV deal is worth more than $30 million per annum. The length of the deal is still unknown but is expected to be for at least one or two years.

This essentially means that WWE is set to enjoy the new deal at least until 2021. If NXT ratings continue to be consistently overwhelming, expect the billion-dollar promotion to renew the deal at a much higher price, all the way up to 5 times the current amount.