WWE Officials Reportedly Hoped That Goldberg Would Ad-lib His Promo on Raw

Goldberg made his surprise return this past week on WWE Raw and challenged Drew McIntyre to a match for the WWE Championship at the upcoming Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Goldberg was sent out early because of timing issues at the end of the show, which meant that McIntyre was unable to cut a promo on the WWE legends and set up the former Universal Champion’s return.

This meant that Goldberg came straight out and cut a promo that didn’t make any sense, but according to a report by Fightful, there were several officials backstage who believed that Goldberg would fix the plot hole and ad-lib his promo.

Instead, Goldberg headed out to the ring and delivered his promo as instructed. This then went on to draw even more attention to the fact that WWE was forced to cut McIntyre’s promo, and without it, the story made no sense.

“Those that we spoke to backstage say that they were hopeful that Goldberg would ad-lib during the promo to make up for things, but understand that he was just delivering the lines as instructed.”

Hopefully, Drew McIntyre will be able to fix the issues with this story in the coming weeks on Raw and accept Goldberg’s Royal Rumble challenge.