WWE Originally Planned to Stop Live Events and House Shows Before the Pandemic

WWE was forced to relocate to their own Performance Center back in March when the country went into lockdown following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since March, WWE has also been forced to cancel all of their live shows, and reports suggest that the company may not resume their shows at the same level when the pandemic is over.

According to former WWE referee Mike Chioda, on Ad-Free Show’s Mailbag Monday, WWE actually planned to stop house shows before the pandemic forced them to pull the plug.

“Pretty much. I think we have because there was talk about it quite some time ago in the last couple of years before COVID-19. There was talk of canceling a lot of the house shows. Maybe do one weekend once a month. So they were already filtering out the live events and the house shows before Covid-19.”

“I don’t believe they will do away with the European live events at certain times of the year. I think they will proceed with those tours because they make money. Those European tours are the money-making tours with a very low cost and a very high income.”

WWE is not expected to stop their tours to the UK and Europe since these only happen a few times a year and allow many fans to connect with the WWE Superstars for the first time, but they are expected to revise their regular schedule in the future.