WWE Planning An Inferno Match For Their Next Trip To Saudi Arabia?

Image via WWE

Kane was a special guest on Friday Night SmackDown this past week, but somehow he managed to come between The Fiend and Daniel Bryan as the buildup for their match at The Royal Rumble continued.

Kane has already been a victim of The Fiend, which could be why the masked star once again looked to target Kane, but Bryan was one step ahead and managed to save his Team Hell No teammate. It was obvious at the time that WWE was building towards some kind of match between The Fiend and Kane since Kane was the first man to face Wyatt on pay-per-view back in 2013.

Rumors have suggested that Kane and Bray Wyatt could lock horns at the upcoming pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia next month, but today those rumors have now been stepped up to include that it will be in an Inferno match for the Universal Championship. This would mean that Wyatt would step straight into a feud with The Big Red Machine following his match with Bryan at The Royal Rumble which could be a spoiler that suggests that Bryan isn’t going to be the first man to defeat The Fiend.

Wyatt and Kane originally collided in a Ring of Fire match back at SummerSlam in 2013 and Wyatt was able to come out on top, so this would definitely allow their feud to come full circle.

That being said, there are also rumors that suggest that this feud could continue heading into WrestleMania and in the absence of The Undertaker, WWE could focus on Kane and hand him a mask vs mask match with The Fiend.

With the final SmackDown ahead of the Rumble still yet to air and speculation pointing towards Kane’s involvement in this year’s Royal Rumble match, it appears that all will become clear this weekend if Kane and Bray Wyatt cross paths once again, in Texas.