WWE Planning to Replace Becky Lynch With Charlotte Flair, Fans Start Petition Against Title Reign

Becky Lynch’s indefinite maternity leave has caused WWE to come up with new ideas and interesting angles for the women’s division on the RAW brand.

Asuka has been granted the RAW Women’s Championship but Charlotte Flair has also cemented herself as a strong contender for the title. The Queen did lose the NXT Women’s Title at TakeOver: In Your House, but WWE managed to protect her in defeat by having Io Shirai pin Rhea Ripley for the title victory.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed WWE’s possible directions for Asuka and Flair. The Queen has scored two back-to-back victories over The Empress and it’s evident that WWE is brewing a major title feud between them.

“I think it’s pretty clear that the Asuka and Charlotte — Charlotte now has two wins over Asuka so I would think that this is building a feud between the two of them.”

Meltzer further noted that Flair is en route to becoming Lynch’s replacement until The Man returns. WWE plans to position Charlotte as the top Superstar in all of the women’s division and will keep using her in any role possible.

“Charlotte’s gonna be Charlotte, it doesn’t matter. I mean, her position is locked. She’s gonna be the woman until Becky Lynch comes back no matter what. Babyface when she needs to be a babyface. Heel when she needs to be a heel. She’s just Charlotte, you know? They’re not gonna take that away from her.”

“There’s no one who’s gonna get over on her…they’re not going to push her as a babyface unless it’s against someone like Nia Jax.”

Charlotte appears to be WWE’s go-to woman for now, but meanwhile, fans have started a petition to prevent the company from putting any further title on The Queen.